Saturday November 18th 2017 ~
Tiocket Box Office : 1.855.872.5000
Doors open at 7:30
The Studio [Theatre] - Across from Hamilton City Hall
1 Summers Lane Hamilton, ON

 Scarlett Deva Antaloczy is referred to as a Renaissance Woman. She works in Music and Medicine (alternative medicine). As a musician, Scarlett Deva is a singer, pianist, song-writer, composer/arranger producer and performer. Scarlett Deva performs and writes in various genres and settings. She has written for big band, jazz and rock ensembles, musical theatre and orchestra (Boris Brott). Scarlett takes on commissions and can customize her shows to the specific event. Her original One Woman Show has been performed world.wide for standing ovations in which she plays and sings in several languages and styles from jazz, pop to high opera with monologues about relationships, bouncing back, health and prevention. Reviews have remarked that there is something for everyone – young, old and people of all walks of life. Scarlett's haunting voice has been featured on radio, T.V. and several original CD's which she produced.(Scarlett Woman and Ambience for Your Soul). Scarlett says she has no time to paint and therefore, often paints with her haunting voice upon her magical musical canvas. Her virtuoso piano playing is exhilarating as are her original compositionsm. She was spotted performing in L.A. by the head of Ogilvy and Mather (film/U.K.) and invited her as a music producer for adverts including Ford, Eagle Star to name but a few. Scarlett comtinued in writing, music and medicine. A best selling author and the director of her Wellness Centre - Ohmm Centre Medi-Spa (acronym for Optimal Holistic Music and Medicine -, Scarlett integrates Traditional Chinese, Natural and Sound Medicine, Anti-aging and Holistic Aesthetics. Feedback for her practice, seminars and shows have been positive describing them  as educational,funny, transforma- tional, mystical and inspiring!
Scarlett Deva has several CD’s and books on the market - FREEDOM 56, a historical anthology about the Hungarian Revolution and the self-help number one best seller called, Bouncing Back - which she co-authored with noted authors like Dr. Wayne Dyer. She had a cameo appearance on The Simpson's cartoon in L.A. and her musical, Rock Heaven, has been performed in London's prestigious Covent Garden. Scarlett Deva continues to to help and inspire with her Music, Shows, Wellness Centre and as an educator in the fields of health and human potential. She is continuously being invited worldwide and currently working on a new album.